NO DEPOSIT before the Official PO! Make your reservation…

Dear collectors,

on Monday the 26th of September we had some important information for further orders and payment processes. But in the last 2-3 days we had several requests regarding this topic. So we will clarify all doubts and provide more clarity.

Just follow these 3 (really) easy steps:
– Grab your favorite character (all characters are great) in our shop under:
– Make your pre-order now and you has just made your reservation for your character.
– NO DEPOSIT before the official POs from XM Singapore has announced.

You will receive all the needed information asap.
That´s it! Amazing characters are still waiting for you and need a new home…

Since last week you have the chance to place your order for one of the most amazing pieces on earth. The brand new characters of the XM-family. First, many thanks to XM for such great and perfect designs and creative work art and last but not least to our great collector community.


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