Where do you ship at the moment?

We extend our distribution area. Now we can ship to whole Europe as you can see in our shop.

Payment Options

We accepted only Bank Transfer (for deposit) and PayPal payments at the moment. All prices are quoted in Euro €.

Do you plan to extend your customer area in the future?

Yes, we can ship to whole Europe. Only USA is currently not in our distribution area.

Shipping and PO Dates

As a customer, you have the option to choose the shipping option that works best for you. The option that you choose and the destination of the order determines the cost of your shipping as well as the length of time it will take to get your order/ item.

Please note that “Estimated Shipping Time” refers only to the time it takes the carrier from pickup to delivery. Delivery time may vary from the below estimated time depending on customs clearance, delays in the destination country, missed or cancelled despatches.

Please notice: All shipping times are dependent on product availability. 

Stock Availability

We cannot guarantee that every item offered for sale online would actually be shipped right away as inventory can change significantly from day to day. In a rare case, an item may be in stock when you place your order and sold out by the time your order is processed. However, for any item which you place an online order and is found to be sold out at the time of processing, we will inform you by email & remove off the item from your order.

Silver Coins – Why didn´t I get one? Doesn´t it come with all purchases?

It is important to understand that Silver coins are not “Exclusives” – they are simply promotional “Pre order Giveaways” which is specifically for rewarding early birds. Hence we only produce around 50% of the ES e.g. Captain America ES is 500, we produce 250 Silver coins for early birds or pre-orders. If the coins came with all statues, then they would not be promotional and would just become one of the standard parts and lose their meaning. The silver coins are real silver plated (they cost us abit to produce) so it is actually our investment to say thank you to early purchasing customers.
Silver coins only come with Comic Edition Statues and not Movie Edition Statues.

*Please notice: Thor is the last statue that will come with Silver Coins. No other statues will come with silver coins moving forward.