Dear customers, collectors and friends,

XM Studios announced recently as follows:
We are really sad and disappointed for the news and also the current circumstances. Hereby, we regret to inform you that we are no longer licensed to carry XM Marvel products in the EU with effect from 30th September 2015. Our license for the distribution of Marvel Products in Europe will not to be extend for the next year in 2016. After several conversations and a long debate with the people in charge of Marvel (Disney Europe and USA) we are no longer the official and exclusive distributor in Europe. Unfortunately, the final decision was taken by Marvel (Disney) USA and not in Europe.

XM Europe and the GHereos team were commenting as follows:

Disney Europe supported us as good as possible but were outvoted by the Marvel Board from New York. With other words Marvel/ Disney USA decided not to let us distribute officially any more XM Marvel products in the entire EU. In this way we would like to say: “Thank you to our customers, collectors and friends”. In the past we had a really good relationship and were very grateful for your fantastic support and your great feedback. That is our business to serve the wishes and needs from all of you. Many thanks again and helping us to start our project.

XM Studios:
We are now preparing the EU for other XM product ranges and we are very excited at the new lines such as Top Cow, Jade Comics and an upcoming special line. The Merchandise Szepan GmbH Team will still be our Europe exclusive distributor for other products of XM. Stay tune!


Many Greetz

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